We are diverse team of experienced professionals, deeply committed to our unique leadership development methodology. We blend industry expertise with advanced psychological models and the latest insights from contemporary neuroscience.

This integrative approach highlights the nuances of leadership relative to your specific environment, crafting tailored solutions that speak to the emotional and cognitive aspects of interpersonal dynamics.

Our unwavering focus on the underlying narrative in transforming leadership practices is our guide; the team’s commitment to understanding your context ensures that our programs are not only strategic, but also highly effective in addressing the practical challenges you face.

We are led by our Founder, Barry Joinson, who’s raison d’être is shining a light on possibility for people facing complex situations. His aim is to actively seek out the “positive exception” to unhelpful and unproductive patterns, so his clients can take hold of potential that has been overlooked. Find out more about Barry here.


Executive Coaching
Private sessions with those already at the top of their game, but facing a personal precipice, or an imminent block. We help you release unproductive behaviour, going from “sailing too close to the wind” to “wind in my sails”. Sessions are typically on dry land, rather than at sea.

Boardroom Mentoring
100’s of years’ collective experience equips us to bolster your established toolkit and improve stakeholder management capabilities to differentiate you from the norm. We encourage ways of working which build enduring collaborative relationships.

Training and Facilitation
Giving the best practical and pragmatic intervention to enable you to work in the strategic interest of the organisation. Our facilitation moves you towards the nub of the issue, cutting through the noise and dialling down rhetoric that holds you back.

Strategy and Branding
Our emphasis is on genuine, consistent behaviour and communication that builds trust and encourages others. Successful leadership branding creates a climate of excellence and creativity by fusing individual qualities with strategic vision.

Its not what you think.