Barry Joinson is a straight-talking British people development professional, specialised in helping senior leaders turn around unproductive situations.

Over more than 20 years Barry has provided a sounding-board and strategic thinking partner to clients from many cultures and organisations across Europe, the UAE, Asia and the USA.

Supported by a team of carefully selected Associates, Barry’s raison d’être is shining a light on possibility for people facing complex situations. His aim is to actively seek out the “positive exception” to unhelpful and unproductive patterns, so his clients can take hold of potential that has been overlooked.

Brought up in the family portfolio management business of 500 employees, clients have included the BBC, Porsche, Bank of China and the United Nations, on assignments ranging from trouble shooting in start-ups to NGO’s in war torn countries, at war within their own ranks.

Barry’s work is hands-on, so it often takes him away from the sea and back into the boardroom. His formal credentials also qualify him to provide conflict resolution and mediation, as well as training and supervision for emerging and established International Coach Federation coaches.


Our absolute favourite days are private sessions with someone already at the top of their game but on a personal precipice, or facing an imminent block. We love to help them realise and release unproductive behaviour, going from “sailing too close to the wind” to “wind in my sails”. Most often this happens on dry land, rather than at sea.

Over 20 years’ collective experience equip us to bolster participants established toolkits and improve their people and stakeholder management skills to differentiate from the average leader. We encourage ways of working which build enduring collaborative relationships.

Training and Facilitation
Giving the best practical and pragmatic intervention to enable you to work in the strategic interest of the organisation. It’s all about getting to the nub of the issue, cutting through the noise and dialling down rhetoric that holds you back.

Its not what you think.