Barry Joinson is a straight-talking British HR professional, specialised in helping senior leaders turn around unproductive situations.

Over more than 20 years Barry has provided a sounding-board and strategic thinking partner to clients from many cultures and organisations across Europe, the UAE, Asia and the USA.

Barry’s raison d’être is shining a light on possibility for people facing complex situations. His aim is to actively seek out the “positive exception” to unhelpful and unproductive patterns, so his clients can take hold of potential that has been overlooked.

Brought up in the family portfolio management business of 500 employees, clients have included the BBC, Porsche, Bank of China and the United Nations, on assignments ranging from trouble shooting in start-ups to $100m global transformation programmes.

Barry’s work is hands-on, so it often takes him away from the sea and back into the boardroom. His formal credentials also qualify him to provide conflict resolution and mediation, as well as training and supervision for coaches.

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“The programme helped me see an unproductive pattern I hadn’t realised. Now fixing it is going to be easy”
Andrew, CEO